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There are 7 digital e-books available for you and your family to easily access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are four books in The Family Care Series plus the Holiday Book, the Pet Loss book and a Planning Guide. It is not uncommon for family members who have lost a loved one to need additional support in dealing with their grief. You are welcome and encouraged to share these books with anyone you feel may benefit from them.


Access to all 7 e-books is provided at no cost to you. When you click a book, you can view and read it with the online e-reader. While in the e-reader you can use the tool bar to download the book in a pdf format. You will be able to share the pdf's through email and they will be viewable on all digital platforms. You have the option of saving, printing, sharing or translating the books into a different language. You can easily access all these features and navigate through each book simply by pointing and clicking. There is an ARCHIVE tab on the left side of the e-reader that you can use to view all the books without leaving the e-reader.

The Family Care Series

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The Family Care Series

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The Loss of A Beloved Pet


Sadly, everyone who cares for a pet will one day face the illness, old age or passing of their beloved animal friend. We hope this book will help!


Grief is complex; it encompasses a wide range of emotions that can come and go in waves. Use these tips, videos, children's story, and guide to help your family communicate with one another, express emotions, and begin the process of moving forward. You are not alone. And with time, you and your family will experience new happy moments together.



Providing Grief Support After the Death of a Child

"The Compassionate Friends is about transforming the pain of grief into the elixir of hope. It takes people out of the isolation society imposes on the bereaved and lets them express their grief naturally. With the shedding of tears, healing comes.

And the newly bereaved get to see people who have survived and are learning to live and love again."

–Simon Stephens, founder of The Compassionate Friends




Family Care Survey

As you may be finding out, there are still many items that need attending to after the service of a loved one. We would like to offer our assistance to help you work through and finish some of these many items. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we ask families to help us be a better funeral home. We ask that you please respond to these questions so that we may take your feedback and use it to help the families we serve in the future.





The Most Important Thing

You Can Do For Your Family

Completing a Planning Guide can help support your loved ones at a time when they need it most. Knowing and following your wishes can alleviate the decision-making stress, and allow your survivors to focus on their emotional needs and on other family matters that may arise during difficult times.

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